PERIVALLON aims to provide an improved and comprehensive intelligence picture of organised environmental crime and develop effective and efficient tools and solutions for detecting and preventing such types of criminal activities and for assessing their environmental impact, and the insights obtained through the proposed Environmental Crime Observatory. The capacity of end users (including Police Authorities and Border Guards) will be improved by enabling them to tackle such criminal activities by providing an innovative training curriculum. Moreover, improved international cooperation will be facilitated through improved data sharing enabled by blockchain technologies, while improved regulation shaping and tuning will be supported through relevant policy recommendations. The project brings together 24 partners from 12 EU and non-EU countries – 5 Police and Border Guard Authorities, 3 authorities related to environmental protection, 6 Research/Academic institutions, 8 industry partners (including 7 SMEs), one EU Agency, and one Foundation. As such, PERIVALLON delivers a strong representation of the challenges, requirements, and tools to meet its objectives.


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