CERIS Annual event 2024 – Online harms and the involvement of practitioners in security research

Date: 2024/09/24
CERIS event

The CERIS Annual event on research for fighting crime and terrorism will take place in Brussels on 24 and 25 September. The topic of this year event is: “An exploration into cross-cutting issues: 1) online harms and 2) involvement of practitioners in security research“.

DG HOME is organising this two-day annual event with the aim of facilitating and stimulating the discussion and exchanges among security research practitioners, policy makers, researchers, civil society and industry on cross-cutting topics that have a broad and horizontal impact on research and innovation in this domain.

The first day will be dedicated to the discussion on online harms and how the AI Act will affect the fight against online crimes. The second day of the event will look at understanding which possible challenges our practitioners (police authorities, NGOs/CSOs and forensic institutes) face regarding their participation in security research consortia, and discuss good and bad practices in this regard.

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