The EMERITUS project has issued the following scientific and technical publications so far:

EMERITUS is looking for contributions to and proposals for scientific and technical publications!

Reach out if you are an expert in / working on / studying / researching one of the following topics and would like to be involved in an EMERITUS publication:

  • Environmental crime, focusing on legislative and forensic aspects,
  • Training approaches and methodologies for capacity building among LEAs/ BGs,
  • Drones control, satellite imagery analysis, sensors for water monitoring and other cyber-physical system for data and evidence collection,
  • Data analytics, AI or other software solution which can be combined with the EMERITUS platform.

Contact us with your ideas, and you could receive access to a sample of the EMERITUS literature review, be part of a co-authored paper with relevant project experts active at the EU level and become part of the extended EMERITUS network. or info@emeritusproject.eu

Contact us or info@emeritusproject.eu