One of the core activities of the project concerns the creation of a Community of Practice (CoP) to foster cooperation on environmental crime while connecting a heterogeneous community of stakeholders (Police Authorities, Border Guards at local, national and international levels, Environmental NGOs, Policy makers, Research Institute and related industries).

The ultimate goals of the CoP are to create a stable community of experts that can be informed about the project advancements and results of the EMERITUS project (in advance and more extensively vis-à-vis public communication activities), provide specific feedback and inputs to improve the solutions elaborated, and establish a specific Policy Maker Board which will lead the definition of the roadmap to standardize EMERITUS’s results.

Are you interested to learn how to effectively exploit technologies to tackle environmental crimes? Do you have similar or related projects? Would you be available to collaborate with the EMERITUS team to better tailor the project results to actual and concrete need?

If so, we invite you to candidate yourself for taking part in the EMERITUS Community of Practice through this form to be filled in.

Once completed, the EMERITUS team will contact you back to formalise your participation (via a free-of-charge dedicated agreement) and start involving you in the foreseen activities.