Continuing Advancements at Calvarina Test Area with Fondazione SAFE

Politecnico di Torino carried out tests at the Calvarina base to test the platform’s effectiveness
calvarina test

In the environmental crimes scenario, the EMERITUS partners are boosting their efforts to implement the project’s platform. This single-entry point and scalable by-design platform will be one of the main outcomes of the Horizon Europe project, aiming at supporting Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) and Border Guard Agencies (BGs) during investigations into environmental crimes.  

The platform will integrate diverse technologies to execute investigation protocols, and hence a necessary step for its correct deployment is carrying out comprehensive simulations to test the platform’s effectiveness. Within this scope, recently, the EMERITUS’ partner, Politecnico di Torino (POLITO), conducted tests on cutting-edge tools and technologies at the Calvarina test area. These tests are crucial for a deeper understanding of the dynamics behind environmental violations and crimes. By recreating real-world-like scenarios at the Calvarina base, EMERITUS project partners can better evaluate the effectiveness of drones and sensors in supporting relevant authorities in detecting and combating environmental waste crimes. 

The EMERITUS project is at the forefront of fostering collaboration among partners to achieve another of the main goals of the project: to create an effective protocol for investigating environmental crimes. This protocol merges cutting-edge monitoring and analytical technologies with comprehensive training programs, significantly enhancing the investigative capabilities of LEAs and BGs, both nationally and internationally. 


Our collective effort in the battle against environmental crimes is ongoing and evolving. Thanks to the joint efforts of the Politecnico di Torino, Fondazione SAFE and all partners involved, we are starting to see the first concrete results that will contribute to combat environmental crimes within Europe, hence, making it a safer and more sustainable place. 

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