EMERITUS CoP holds its first meeting

CoP 1st meeting

Fostering Collaboration and Synergy: The Inaugural CoP Meeting of the EMERITUS Project


In a significant milestone for the EMERITUS project, the first Community of Practice (CoP) meeting was held recently, bringing together a diverse group of stakeholders committed to combating environmental crime. Despite the logistical challenges that necessitated a remote gathering, the virtual meeting proved to be a resounding success, allowing the committee members to get to know each other better, highlight their unique contributions, and demonstrate the added value each of them brings to the CoP. The positive outcomes have sparked enthusiasm among the participants, who are eagerly looking forward to meeting in person soon.


The Community of Practice was designed to foster cooperation and collaboration among a heterogeneous group of stakeholders. This diverse community includes representatives from Police Authorities, Border Guards at local, national, and international levels, Environmental NGOs, Policy makers, Research Institutes, and related industries, all unified by a common goal: to address environmental crimes effectively.


The CoP’s ultimate goals are ambitious and forward-looking. One of its primary objectives is to build a stable community of experts who will have exclusive access to project advancements and results far ahead of public communication activities. This privileged access empowers the CoP members to provide specific feedback and valuable inputs, ensuring that the solutions being formulated are refined and effective. This select group will play a leading role in defining the roadmap to standardise EMERITUS’ results, thereby optimising the impact of the project’s outcomes on the fight against environmental crimes.


The invitation for interested individuals and organisations to join the EMERITUS Community of Practice has been met with considerable enthusiasm. Prospective participants who share a passion for leveraging technology to combat environmental crimes and contribute to the global effort towards sustainability have been encouraged to apply through a dedicated form. The meeting participants expressed their excitement and recommended others to come on board.


The positive feedback from the inaugural COP meeting has reinforced the belief in the power of collaboration and knowledge sharing. Committee members have been deeply inspired by the dedication and expertise demonstrated by their peers, and the experience of getting to know each other virtually has further strengthened their commitment to the EMERITUS project’s mission.


The Community’s next meeting, scheduled for the near future, will be a critical milestone for the COP members. During this meeting, the participants will collaboratively plan and establish the objectives for the first phase of the project’s activities. Subsequently, the CoP members will actively engage in information exchange, contribute to the development of the CoP’s regular newsletter, and participate in relevant events. Their feedback on crucial matters related to environmental crime will be instrumental in driving the group’s growth and achieving its collective objectives.


In conclusion, the first COP meeting of the EMERITUS project has set a powerful precedent for collaboration and synergy. The diverse community of stakeholders is united by a shared vision of safeguarding the environment and combating environmental crimes. As the project continues to gain momentum, the EMERITUS Community of Practice will undoubtedly play a key role in shaping a more sustainable and resilient future for all.


Are you interested to learn how to effectively exploit technologies to tackle environmental crimes? Do you have similar or related projects? Would you be available to collaborate with the EMERITUS team to better tailor the project results to actual and concrete need?


If so, we invite you to candidate yourself for taking part in the EMERITUS Community of Practice through this form to be filled in.


Once completed, the EMERITUS team will contact you back to formalise your participation (via a free-of-charge dedicated agreement) and start involving you in the foreseen activities.