Emeritus advances environmental protection in Malaga


Once again, the Emeritus project contributes to the fight against environmental crime, with the installation of a sensor point for the control of polluting discharges in the Guadalhorce river (Malaga). In this sense, the Local Police of Malaga and CETAQUA, have installed the first of the two points to be installed, using artificial intelligence, without the need to analyse the water in permanent contact with it. Its innovative technology uses solar energy and LTE connectivity for real-time transmission of information to the project platform. Video analytics, with the use of specific cameras, seeking the maximum balance between energy consumption and performance, will be the maximum ally in achieving the established objectives.  

Following the protocol developed within the framework of the project, the data sent will help the authorities to know the location of the dumping, favouring the investigation and location of the perpetrators. In the same way, it will give sufficient advance warning to the people responsible for the protected area, in order to mitigate the damage that these dumping could cause to the wetlands.  

It is expected that before next winter, the installation will be completed with the second control point, which will add value by incorporating a thermal sensor that will help to improve the analysis of any dumping that may occur. The sensor must be able to distinguish the influence of the sea since, at certain times of the year, the river water meets the seawater at this point.

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