Moldovian focus group on environmental crime and waste management during the EU Green Week

Moldovian focus group

The Moldovian Environmental Protection Inspectorate held a focus group on waste management during the EU Green Week 2023.


On 7 June 2023, during the EU Green Week 2023, the Moldovian Environmental Protection Inspectorate and the General Police Inspectorate organised a focus group on the theme “Waste – the topic of environmental crimes“.


Among the main topics addressed during the focus group were the problem of pollution caused by waste as well as methods of investigating environmental crimes. Moreover, an analysis of the specific needs in combating environmental crimes was carried out, together with examining the expectations of those involved in environmental issues, especially in relation to specific projects.


The focus group was also the occasion to present the EMERITUS project in which the Moldovian Environmental Protection Inspectorate is a partner.


The event was attended by guests of honour from the National Environmental Guard and the company GMV Innovating Solutions from Romania (partner too in EMERITUS), who shared their experience in the field of environmental protection and provided examples of good practices and innovative solutions in combating environmental crimes.


Many environmental stakeholders were invited to and attended the focus group, such as the Environment Agency, the Customs Service, the Ministry of the Environment, the General Prosecutor’s Office, the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations, the National Agency for the Regulation of Nuclear and Radiological Activities, as well as non-governmental organisations.