A significant milestone: Successful testing at former military base Calvarina

Emeritus conducts the first series of tests in a semi-controlled environment.
testing Calvarina

In an exciting development for the fight against environmental crimes, the Emeritus project is delighted to announce the successful completion of a series of tests at the former military base Calvarina hosted by Fondazione SAFE. These tests, conducted in a semi-controlled environment, mark a significant step forward in our mission to combat illegal substances and waste deposits.

The transformation of the Calvarina military base into a landfill site presented a unique opportunity for our partners to evaluate cutting-edge drones and technologies aimed at detecting environmental violations. This initiative was made possible through the collaborative efforts of several key players. Among these, key contributions came from the Politecnico di Torino, who gathered essential data and tested appropriate technologies to combat environmental crimes, and Logikers that achieved a significant milestone by successfully field-testing their remotely controlled drones for the first time.

Project partners worked in synergy to achieve a common goal: test the technologies and collect the necessary data to implement the Emeritus platform. Thanks to this pivotal synergy, the partners have been able to achieve satisfactory results for the advancement of the project and its objectives.

Such tests at the former military base Calvarina represent a critical step towards the goal of creating a platform capable of supporting LEAs and BGs during the investigation and combating of environmental crimes on national and international levels.

For the EMERITUS project, collaboration between its partners is crucial; it is only thanks to their coordinated work and efforts that the fight against illegal waste crimes can be brought forward. These first tests are only the beginning of a series of progresses that the Emeritus consortium will be achieving in the following years.